Route Optimization on the Go

Free route planning software for couriers, field services, food delivery, or anyone who runs their own routes and has to deal with last minute requests.


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Delivery optimization and basic free route planner on mobile app and web

Equipped to deal with last-minute requests

Customer notifications and photo or signature capture for contactless delivery

Trusted by hundreds of small business worldwide

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Plan your route in one minute or less

No Dispatcher Needed

Add stops right from the app, no dispatcher needed. Cut costs by letting your drivers handle dispatch.

Simple and Easy to Use

We’ve designed RouteBasic to be the best free route planner for small delivery businesses such as yours.

Deliver to More Customers

Get more done by making sure that your drivers stay on time and are running their route in the most efficient way possible.

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Route Optimized ETAs

Add stops and hit optimize - it’s that simple! Our proprietary routing algorithm is guaranteed to give your drivers the shortest delivery route possible, along with ETAs at each stop so you know exactly when they will arrive.

Live Status Updates

Swipe right to complete a stop! The app automatically tracks your driver’s delivery progress throughout the day and records the exact time and location of each completed stop, so you can see what got delivered and when.

Notify Customers

Send customers notifications with real-time ETAs, all with a single click. Customers who know exactly when to expect their packages rely on and trust you more, making them likely to come back.

Track Drivers Live

Show customers their delivery driver’s real-time location on a map. When they can monitor their package's status and plan their days around deliveries, customers feel informed and in control - something very few delivery companies offer.

Proof of Delivery

Photo and signature capture lets you easily confirm that a delivery has been made. No more getting customers to sign paper forms or filing endless stacks of order sheets back in the office!

Track Progress

RouteBasic's web dashboard updates each stop’s status and completion times automatically, giving you a bird's eye view of your operations. Tracking your drivers’ productivity and performance history has never been simpler.

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